Our youth are targeted on a daily basis by money hungry drug dealers. Substance abuse has become a daily reality in schools, places of employment and communities at large. Your community may at this very moment be the aim of merciless dealers. This issue is not just affecting the future of our youth, but also has a devastating effect on the bonds within families and communities. Heroin is fast becoming the substance of choice amongst the youth and more and more youths are being admitted to rehabilitation facilities for addiction. Learners at school have access to most (legal and illegal) substances. The youngest average age for addiction is estimated at 12 years but cases have been reported of children that are addicted that are even younger.


In large cities drug dealers may find it difficult to sell their wares because the market has been flooded (regarding both supply and demand). They therefore target areas like the Moot and the Northwest Province.


These dealers are unconscionable. They only see the drug addict as a form of income that will do anything to get money to obtain more drugs. If one reflects on the state of crime, one starts to wonder how many hi-jackings, cell phone thefts and burglaries are related to maintaining a drug habit. Parents and relatives are robbed and this often results in poverty with no money for their retirement. Drug use has become pandemic and is on the increase. Families and communities are being destroyed and the only ones who benefit are the drug dealers themselves and funeral parlours


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